Worshiping God in our Giving.

The New Testament has much to say on the subject of giving…

  • We should give “secretly.” - Matthew 6:2

  • We should give sacrificially. - Mark 12:41-44

  • Giving is a way to learn to trust God rather than in ourselves and our possessions. - Matthew 6:19-21

  • giving is a way to blunt our tendencies towards greed or arrogance - Luke 12:13-34; 1 timothy 6:6-10, 17-19

  • God promises to give back to those who give. —Luke 6:38; Acts 20:35

  • We are to give generously, even sacrificially, trusting God to “make all grace abound to us.” —2 Corinthians 8:1-9:15

  • We are to give regularly and in proportion to how God has blessed us. —1 Corinthians 16:1-4

  • Giving is a means of sharing the ministry of others —Philippians 4:10-20

  • We should give to help those who are in need. —1 Timothy 5:3-16; James 1:27

  • We give, ultimately, because it pleases God. —Hebrews 13:16

You can give to CCC by clicking the '“Give” button , or through the Tithe.ly app. Either way, you can choose a one-time gift or set up a repeating amount you would like to give regularly. At the bottom of the form you can choose to give either by credit card or directly from your bank account.