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EXALT Conference - 2019

Exalting Christ in the Home

Each year, we will lead our church to exalt Christ in a specific area of their lives. This year, we begin with our home!  Whether raising kids, healing marriages, planning our finances, or sharing the gospel with our neighbors - home is where exalting Christ starts! 


Join us on October 11, 6:00–9:00 pm and October 12, 9:00–2:00 pm here at CCC!

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7:00 - 8:00 pm

Main Session #1

Christ has a vision for his family and that vision is the oxygen for flourishing households. It is to build a church that pursues the glory of God above all else. He accomplishes that vision by calling us to gather together for worship in Spirit and in truth (Jn. 4:23), to grow in the knowledge and grace of Jesus (2 Pet. 3:18), and to go into all the world making disciples.

8:10 - 9:15 pm

Breakout Session #1

Put Down the Daggers: In your marriage you can understand without agreeing, but you must understand! Learn to lay down your hostility and speak in a way your spouse needs for understanding.

Exalting Christ Through Stewardship: Financial difficulties can put undue stress on a marriage and strain on the family. As it turns out, the Bible has a lot to say about how we spend, give, invest, and manage our resources. This session will give you an overview of the vital keys to biblical stewardship and help you find resources to learn to retire your debt, save for the future, and contribute to the Kingdom of God.

Trusting God with the Outcome: So, you want your kids to grow up to love Jesus, go to church, and share the gospel. We’ll have to trust God with his outcome for their lives. Listen to a panel of parents who are learning to trust God with the outcome of their kids’ lives.


9:00 - 10:00 am

Main Session #2

There are three vital keys to developing a home in Christ’s image: (1) Practicing love as the higher law, (2) An eternal vs. a temporal perspective about everything (not just eternity), (3) Cultivating the disciplines of forgiveness and repentance.

10:15 - 11:15 am

Breakout Session #2

Honoring God in Singleness: It is essential that the Church develops a theology of singleness that speaks to both singles and marrieds. This will empower singles to honor God in their present season while also equipping marrieds with an understanding of Christian singleness in order that they might be supportive in the holistic growth of Jesus’ Church.

Marriage Coaching - Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why: What is marriage coaching? Who makes good marriage coaches? Why should there be marriage coaching? When should marriage coaching take place? Where does marriage coaching happen? How does this work? Curious?  Come and check this out!

Building Faith at Home: How do we practically disciple our kids in the home? From school and sports, to friends and clubs, everything is vying for their time and attention. This break-out will look at three categories of discipleship and communication to help parents instill God’s grace and truth in the lives of their kids.

Worshiping at Home: Our motto at CCC is "Exalting Christ Together" but praise and worship is not the responsibility of just the Sunday morning music team. Our homes are the primary context in which worship should be lifted to the Lord. Whether you are single or married, musically talented or tone deaf, this breakout session will equip you and get you excited about leading worship in your home!

11:30 am - 12:30 pm


Catered by Chick-Fil-A

12:45 - 1:45 pm

Breakout Session #3

Navigating the Teenage Years with Love and Logic: So what do you do when suddenly you realize that you are not the center of your child’s world anymore? The teenage years can be a joy yet also difficult to navigate. But with the right perspective and helpful tools we can help our teens mature and launch into adults.

Crucial Conversations: Our relationships need fact not fiction, truth more than story, and courage more than passivity. One way we do that is having a tough conversation with the ones we care about. Moving past awkward and focusing on truth we can have the crucial conversation that create awesome relationships.

As You Go Mentoring: Ladies, come join us if you are excited to invest in relationships without feeling like its another “to-do” item on your list. We’ll talk about get-together tactics, encouraging uplifting conversation, and loving God by loving others.

2:00 - 3:00 pm

Main Session #3

We usually don’t realize that change is happening until it is suddenly upon us. The single most important skill to take away from this conference is learning to navigate the seasons of change in our families.

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