Youth Director

Sebastian Zornosa


My Ministry:

I have the privilege of leading our youth ministry (grades 7-12) on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings when I’m not working my full-time job with Idaho Falls Fire Department. When I am absent, my friend and boss, Pastor Ryan, steps in for me. I am blessed to also have a team of small group leaders who disciple and mentor these students as well. Our aim is to see young Christians live out their faith in every sphere of influence they have now, and remain faithful in whatever endeavors they decide to pursue into adulthood.

About Me:

What's your favorite pastime?

(1) Spending time with my wife, Jessica (We got married in April, 2017 and it was the best decision I ever made.) (2) Spending time in the outdoors. At an early age, my dad led me to fall in love with fishing, hunting, hiking, etc. (3) Spending time outdoors with my wife. (4) Last but not least, I love reading my Bible and getting to know the Creator of the world in a more intimate and personal way.

What's something we should know about your personality?

I, like Pastor Ryan, like to joke around quite a bit (probably why we get along so well)!

I love to meet new people and am very comfortable “breaking the ice”. I love hosting people at our house for a meal (which I could cook since I also really enjoy cooking).

What's something surprising others should know?

Both of my parents are from Colombia, which basically makes me 100% Colombian—I’m very proud of that. My parents placed me and my sister in a Spanish Immersion program in school where we learned to speak, read and write in Spanish as well as English. Also, that sister that I mentioned, she’s really cool: she’s a world traveler, has lived in Vietnam and now currently resides in Cairo, Egypt.