B.A. in Biblical Literature // Northwest University

M.A. in Religion // Rawlings School of Divinity

M.A. in Religious Education // Liberty Graduate School

D.Min. in Discipleship // Talbot School of Theology

PhD in Bible Exposition // Rawlings School of Divinity (in progress)

Senior Pastor

Jeff Kennedy


My Ministry:

I am the primary teaching pastor for our weekend services. As the Senior Pastor, I lead the staff and collaborate with our elder team in terms of setting the direction, vision and mission of our church.

About Me:

What's your favorite pastime?

My favorite things are: (1) Road trips with the family. Kerri and I love piling our kids into our van and heading off for a fun adventure. (2) I love dates with my wife. Every Friday lunch with her is sacred for me (which is why I don't answer the phone or return text messages that day). (3). I love to recharge in a good thought-provoking book and my prayer journal (and coffee. Lot's of strong coffee).

What's something we should know about your personality?

I'm a Bible backgrounds nerd. I love to devour any book or journal article that sheds light on the culture of Jesus and the Disciples.

What's something surprising others should know?

I grew up in the Richmond, VA area so you will hear just the faintest lilt of a southern accent when I preach. My time growing up in VA was rich and wonderful and also traumatic. But Kerri and I have lived out west (Seattle, Spokane, Coeur d'Alene, ID) for nearly 18 years.

I authored a book for a major publishing house and the whole process of writing, editing and publishing that book was really fun. You can get a copy here: Father, Son, and the Other One: Experiencing the Holy Spirit as an Empowering, Transforming Presence

I also authored a short book to help you get started in your walk with Christ which you can find here: First Steps: Beginning Your Life as a Christ-Follower