Master of Arts in Christian Ministry // Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

Bachelor of Arts, Christian Education // Biola University

Discipleship Pastor

Patrick Murphy


My Ministry:

I am responsible for establishing the Discipleship vision and organizational leadership of our church discipleship ministries. I have an awesome team of community group and Sunday morning leaders who faithfully teach, facilitate, and shepherd the members of CCC. I spend my time equipping them spiritually, relationally, and practically to accomplish their ministry missions.

About Me:

What's your favorite pastime?

I love wrestling and playing games with my boys. We have created some of the greatest games which have produced the fullest laughs. They like to tackle, tickle, and jump on me any chance they get. Our favorite games are “Teddy Bear” where I pretend to be asleep while holding them and they try to escape. The other game is new, called “6 Hands” (They named it…), where I am a blind monster following their voice to catch them, and they're trying to touch my foot to put me to sleep. I can’t wait for more new ones to come my way.

Additionally, I enjoy building furniture for the house or patio when given the chance. It is a good way to experience beginning a project and seeing it completed. Most of the time ministry is simply continuous with out completions. Woodworking is a way of supplementing my mind with a clear start and finish experience.

What's something we should know about your personality?

I’m am an introvert with extroverted tendencies. If I am not leading from the front, I will be a quiet participant in the back. I love being the fly on the wall in group settings, watching how people are interacting and communicating with each other. I used to go to Disneyland a lot in college and watching people was almost as fun as riding the rides. At church the Lord is the power and persistence in me being extroverted when I’m welcoming new attendees, inviting members to classes and group, and preaching sermons.

What's something surprising others should know?

My hobby is playing with my G-Scale model trains. My dad got into it when I was born, and now I am enveloped with tinkering with engines and planning on how to put a train layout in the backyard one day. Kelsey rolls her eyes that she married a “train nerd” but she’s stuck with me now ;).