Ryan & Lisa Tallmon


When we first moved to Idaho Falls, we didn’t know anyone here. Our first week at Christ Community Church, we were welcomed by a number of friendly people. One couple, in particular, invited us out to lunch and later, that same week, invited us to their community group of young adults on Thursday nights. The first time we attended, we felt so moved being invited into someone’s home, sharing a meal, and worshiping the Lord together. It felt like we had already found a home in Idaho Falls.

Since then, our community group has become more than just our friends; they have become family. We spend holidays together, celebrate birthdays, and often hang out on the weekends. More than that, we gather weekly to study God’s Word, pray, and worship the Lord. What has been most impactful for us is the “life group” time, when we meet in smaller groups and share about our victories, struggles, and requests. There, we receive prayer, accountability, and encouragement, which has really kept us grounded in our faith. Our community group is our church within the church. It’s what makes us excited to attend Sunday services and connect with the larger body at CCC as well.